Monday, May 15, 2006


We've both tried Humalog and Novolog as our rapid acting insulin choice. Today we'll get a chance to try out Aventis' APIDRA which by reputation is one of the fastest acting insulins available. We'll let you know hw well it works vs. the tried and true Novolog that we've come to rely upon.

What's funny is that the brand name APIDRA isn't French or Latin- it's Pig Latin for "Rapid." I wonder how much they paid the naming agency for this one!

update: the Apidra didn't work and we had terrible highs. I think it may have been a bad batch, but we're not taking any risks. We've gone back to Novolog which is tried and true.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pump Friendly Clothes

When Cassie's active or exercising, her insulin pump can easily jump free and rip out her insertion site at the worst time. So usually we disconnect her pump when she's doing her gymnastics or strenuous exercise.

But what about everyday activity? Kids need to be kids and PLAY HARD. My wife found a great place for "soffee" type shorts and active wear with built in pockets to safely and securely hold her pump. Check out the Pump wear website. Just in time for the warm weather!

Guardian RT Monitor Blog

What's it like to live with a continuous blood glucose monitoring system? Check out Wil's blog about his exeriences with the Guardian RT Monitor.

Progress with Continuous BG Monitors

The progress towards a closed loop system or "artificial pancreas" has steadliy grown. Two of the devices, the Dexcom and the Medtronic Guardiat RT have recieved FDA approval for patients over the age of 18. These continuous blood glucose monitors are expensive, but people that we know who have used them swear by them. Especially when you live with the daily fear that accompanies impaired hypoglycemic awareness (not being able to tell when your blood sugar is dangerously low).

A third promising entrant into the mix is Abbott's Freestyle Navigator. FDA approval is expected in the Fall of 2006. A handy comparison chart can be viewed at the Children with Diabetes website. Click here to check out the side by side comparison.

Genetic Link

It's been a while since my last post. Cassie's mom was recently diagnosed with Type 1. The long honeymoon masked the diagnosis, but she had been feeling "off" for months.

Many are dianosed with Type 1 diabetes without ANY familial connection. But I have just run into so many other families like ours where a genetic prdeisposition for this didsease is blatantly evident. Blatantly unfair. Blatantly saddening.