Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cozmo is no more...

Yesterday, Smiths Medical announced that they will no longer make the Deltec/Cozmo insulin pump. We're very bummed about the Cozmo pump going away. We've had our daughter on it for many years and have really loved it.

In the short term, users like us who have this pump need to make sure we get our ducks in a row about supplies. It'll also be time to look at new pumps as the warranties run out. You can read the Cozmo announcement by clicking here.

The other manufacturers are investing in the evolution of the technology that ties the pump to the CGM's (continuous glucose monitors). Smiths Medical has obviously made the economic decision that they couldn't invest at the same levels in order to compete. I hate that the Cozmo is going away, but I'm encouraged to know that a next generation of pumps is getting closer.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making a Difference

Every day you try your hardest to keep good control, you make a difference. Every dollar you raise to help find a cure, you make a difference. Every volunteer hour you put in to causes like JDRF, you make a difference. Every person you educate about the disease, you make a difference.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed daily by diabetes. But if you keep at it, bit by bit, you can make a world changing difference.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gluten Free Disney

One thing that really impressed me about Cassie's visit to Disney World in Orlando this week was the availability of gluten-free choices on their menus. The servers were especially helpful in helping us with choices and were able to supply nutritional information to help calculate carbs. This kind of service is noteworthy, and for any families that have special needs, this thoughtfulness makes the Magic Kingdom truly magic.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Magic Kingdom

A few weeks after diagnosis we went to Disneyworld - at the strong urging of our diabetes educator. It was wise advice. It put us in the mindset that our daughter Cassie was a kid FIRST and a person with diabetes second.

If you are headed to a theme park this spring break, I recommend you take a separate fanny pack or light bag with snacks and your diabetes supplies - having an insulated pouch would be ideal to help keep your insulin cool. Bring extra insulin to keep in he hotel room in case your "to go" supply gets too hot.

And if you DO go to Disney bear in mind that these folks realize that having diabetes requires special care. You can talk to Guest Services and get a card that allows you "Handicap" status. You receive "Fast Passes" to get you to an accelerated line for the popular rides. If it is really hot or if your sugars are wonky this can offset losing your place in line. Dehydration is huge here in sunny CA or FL when you have to stand in line for hours to get on a ride. But remember - you may not want to use diabetes as a crutch to get your child special treatment.

Cassie her grandmother and her mom (my wife) are headed to Orlando now as we speak. I hope they have a magic time that helps them forget the daily burden of diabetes.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Book List

Looking for a good diabetes book for you or your child? Here are some good titles that come highly recommended:

"Think Like a Pancreas", Gary Scheiner, 2004 Marlowe & Company

"Diabetes Burnout", William H. Polonsky, 1999 ADA

"Pumping Insulin", John Walsh and Ruth Roberts, 2006 Torrey Pines Press

"Type 1 Diabetes - A Guide for Children, Adolescents, Young Adults-- and Their Caregivers" by Ragnar Hanas, MD, PHD

"Sugar Free Me" by Naomi Kingery.