Wednesday, November 07, 2012

How was your day?

My wife Marinda made a very insightful observation yesterday. Diabetes makes us talk differently to our daughter with T1D. And it's not fair.

When Cassie comes home from school, from a sleep over, or to the breakfast table, the default question that immediately pops out of our mouths is, "how's your blood sugar?"

REALLY? How annoying must that be? Parental worry pushes aside normal conversation.

We've done it for so long that even if we simply ask, "how was your day?" it seems like we're asking about glucose control. I imagine that an unspoken, parenthetical question hangs over the innocent question - "How was your day (with diabetes)?"

So we've made a conscious effort to not make a diabetes question the expected greeting from mom and dad. I've tried, "did anybody get into trouble at school today?" or "did anyone make you mad today?"

What do you ask your T1 child?